Daniel Hopsicker

Daniel Hopsicker has spent a career in business television;
producing "Inside Wall Street" and "The Emerging Growth Stock Report,"
among others.

He was the executive producer of a business news magazine
airing on NBC internationally when he went to Bill Clinton's Arkansas to
film a story for a new series pilot and discovered that "things ain't always
been jes' right down here," in the words of a famous Mississippi lawman.

The initial result was a two-hour TV special, "The Secret Heartbeat of
," which he was told "would not air while Clinton was President."
("They" were right: it airs next winter, after Clinton leaves office.)

He has just completed the first full-length look at the career of CIA agent/
drug smuggler Adler Berrimen Seal called "Barry and 'the boys,'" as
well as a TV documentary detailing some of his findings called
"In Search of the AMERICAN Drug Lords."

The shocking true story of American 'super-spy' Barry Seal--the inspiration
for the 1966 hit "Secret Agent Man" written by his long-timne friend Johnny
Rivers-- is the story of what happens when guys we pay to protect us--CIA
guys--go into business with guys we're paying them to protect us against:
"Made" guys. Mobsters...Organized Crime.

Pilot and CIA agent Seal, recruited into "clandestine services" by Kennedy
assassination suspect David Ferrie, flew billions of dollars worth of
cocaine into this country before his assassination in 1986...

What can his career teach us about the current Presidential contest now

--Does the Democratic Party have a Presidential Drug Money Pipeline run by
Charles Manatt, Clinton's New Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, and Tony
Coelho, Al Gore's Campaign Chairman?

--Could the assassinations and scandals of the 60's and 70's be somehow
RELATED to the cocaine epidemic that devastated America in the 1980's?

--Did elements of American intelligence turn "Benedict Arnolds" in the War
on Drugs?

--Was Barry Seal's drug smugglign empire "involved" with everyone from
Republican Attorney General Ed Meese to Democratic National Chairman Charles
Manatt to Al Gore's current campaign Chairman, Tony Coelho?

--Why did then-Arkansas Attorney General William Clinton sign a "get-out-
of-jail-free" personal recognizance bond for Barry Seal after he had been
jailed for drug smuggling in Mena?

--What is the suspicious link between Barry Seal and the Bush Family that
allowed George W. Bush to regularly fly in a plane from Seal's drug
smuggling fleet after Seal's murder?

"In Search of the AMERICAN Drug Lords" is an hour-long TV documentary that
could affect way you look at the "Decision 2000" Presidential sweepstakes
currently underway, filled with startling revelations about the big
questions ducked by Ken Starr's Whitewater probe, from a man who stumbled
onto the story by accident...

Daniel Hopsicker was the executive producer of a business magazine
television show airing internationally on NBC three years ago

Daniel Hopsicker

The Drug Money Times
"All the news that's ripped from print!"

Scandal in contemporary U.S. life is an institutionalized sociological
phenomenon. It is not due primarily to psychopathological variables,
but is due to the institutionalization of elite wrongdoing which has
occcurred since 1963."

"Many of the scandals that have occurred in the U.S. since 1963 are
fundamentally interrelated: that is, the same people and institutions
have been involved." --Prof.David Simon, "Elite Deviance 6th edition